Sunday, April 23, 2017

Testing: Notes of Encouragement

Testing time is back!

Moment of silence for us all.
It's that time of year!
My First Grade class buddied up
with one of my school’s Fifth Grade
classes this year.
Comfort in numbers.
Our Fifth Grade friends had
to take 6 days worth of
state exams….
Poor kids!
so we made little treats for them.
How sweet!

Since I made this for my own purposes….
I kept it super easy-peasy for myself.
As you should!
I just printed them on my school’s printer
(with normal, white, copy paper),
chopped the cards in the workroom,
quickly attached a treat
with either tape or a stapler,
and threw them all into a basket
for easy delivery!
I'm sure they loved seeing you coming!
I decided to make larger
Encouragement Cards for those
who want to have their
students color them
and hang them
on your
Testing Buddies’ door.

click to download
 These could also be used for your own class
if you happen to be taking a test that needs
some extra encouragement.

 This next one is for Florida students only:

May these little
sayings (and treats)
make the testing
a little bit easier
on  your kiddos!

DISCLAIMER:  Your students' value
(or the value of your teaching)
is NOT, should NOT

be determined by the results
of one test, taken on one day 
in their life.
Just saying...

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Leo Lionni...An Extraordinary Egg

Last year, I read a book from Leo Lionni
that I had never read before.
After reading An Extraordinary Egg....
I thought to myself,
"Well where have you been
all my life?"
And it responded by saying 
aww shucks...
(insert blush)
It's a cute little story about frogs
and an alligator.
You would think that as a
First Grade Teacher,
former Kindergarten Teacher,
former Pre-K Teacher,
and mother of 4 children
I would have read this book before.
You can't do it all sista!
Well....I'm just glad that I finally
made its acquaintance!

My First Grade Team
likes to have a Learning Camp
every May where our students rotate
through all of the First Grade Classrooms
and learn about reptiles and amphibians.
Sounds like fun...and a great way
to keep them engaged
during the cray cray month of May!
I thought that I'd like to add this
little gem of a book to our repertoire.
So....I made some easy to print
graphic organizers and writing paper.
Of course you did!
So little
Energizer bunny!

Disclaimer: I really made all of this for MYSELF,
and our 72 little First Graders...
BUT....I will share with all of you!
After all...
that's what friends are for!
Sharing is caring my friend!

An Extraordinary Egg by Leo Lionni
Writing Paper
An Extraordinary Egg by Leo Lionni
Writing Paper

And I hope you all have
last week of March!
May your Spring Break
be absolutely, positively

Sunday, March 5, 2017

If You Give A Mouse A Cookie....Oops! I Mean Circle For Pi Day: March 14th ( 3.14)

At school my school,
teachers were asked
to come up with some
ideas for our students to be able to
learn about Pi on Pi Day (3-14).

I teach 6 year olds....
but I'll give it my best!

I made a Class Reader that REALLY delves into
what Pi means and how to get to 3.14.
I will not lie, it is long....
but if you have a REAL pie right
there in front of your kiddos
they'll eat it right up!
He he he.

You can find it on TPT if interested.
Here's a little preview:
We Like Pi(e) by Regina Davis
on Teachers Pay Teachers

Nine Different Choices of

and one of my personal favorites....
a Pi Number Tracing
where students cut, glue, and then
trace the first 100 numbers in pi.

In the middle of coming up with
all of this so that my 6  year olds can
better understand Pi....
I just kept thinking about

Well....what would happen
If You Gave A Mouse A Circle?
That is the question that I had....
and now I have a little story to go with it.

If You Give A Mouse A Circle by Regina Davis
based on Laura Numeroff's storybook character.
For Educational Use Only....Not For Profit

This of course is FREE for all of our teaching friends.
I really hope that Laura Numeroff doesn't mind
my using her fantabulous mouse character to help
some children around the world learn about Pi.
It's for educational purposes only....not for profit.
 This story doesn't really go into the depth
of what makes Pi like my reader, We Like Pi(e) does.
The story, If You Give A Mouse A Circle delves more
into how to use pi to get the circumference of a circle.
I HIGHLY recommend that your students are
familiar with Laura Numeroff's little mouse
character before you use this for Pi Day.

Side Note:  I know that you can use the formula
circumference = 2 x Pi x Radius (2 Pi R)
but that just seems too complicated for my little ones.
I can barely type that out on my computer since
I don't have a key for Pi.....sooooo.....
I stuck with circumference = Pi x Diameter

At this point, teachers of older students
may want to stop the story and have
your students figure out the math without
the calculator.  I know that for my 6 year olds...
we would definitely need a calculator!

I hope your little ones enjoy Pi Day....
I'm really trying to embrace the idea of teaching Pi.
I've been thumbing through my standards,
and NO it's not in there....but that's ok.
Reading, writing, and math are throughout my
standards, so I think that this will work!
Let them eat Pi(e)!
Or at least a circle-shaped
chocolate chip cookie!
Happy March 14th!